We are excited about WINTER JAM on February 18th.. It will be at the Brookshire Grocery Arena in BossierCity, LA beginning at 5pm. Anyone interested - youth or adult - is welcome to join us.  Tickets are $15 per person at the door.  There is a sign up sheet in the media room or you can call the church office and leave a message that you are interested in going.


ION SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, our Children's MInistry will have a Valentine Party at the church fellowship hall..

Everyone has to get away sometimes.

Even Jesus sometimes needed to move away from the crowd and go to just be alone with God the Father. This month we want you to take time to concentrate on your special quiet time with the Lord. Get alone with Him, read His word, meditate on it, pray, and let God speak to your heart. Take a moment to write down what He's spoken to you for the day in a journal. Maybe even write down some answered prayer for future reference to reflect upon to help increase your faith.

Become fishers of men.

During your day to day activities, be in prayer that God may use you to speak or show His love to someone in need. Maybe you could make a grocery run for someone, change a lightbulb for someone elderly, or just speak to someone at the gas pump to encourage a heart and possibly share Jesus. Just be willing for God to use you. Go fishing - you may just catch a new soul for the kingdom.